Is there any good solution for 2FA that works on both Android and Linux based operating systems? It must be open source and preferably something offline that can be synced across devices using Syncthing.

@hund Would this work?

It can import / export to andOTP for Android, but I don't know that you can use BOTH at the same time?

@hund commonly these are called something stupid like "google authenticator," but TOTP is standardized and there are many tools which deal with it. as long as you scan the QR code / copy the secret, you can have phone apps and keepass generate the same codes.

@icedquinn @hund so much this. I don't understand why people willingly chose google or microsoft authenticator when literally any other free TOTP generator will work.

@hund you can use keepassxc for linux to store totp. Have the database file synced as you mentioned . And keepassxd for android

@lxzio @hund that's what I do as well (except syncing with nextcloud).

It works quite well.

@hund I know it's not open source, but Yubikey has a nice way of doing that. Using their TOTP-app and a Yubikey, the TOTP-keys are stored on the device. So if you tap it on your phone (with the app) or run the program on Linux/Windows, it reads the keys from the device. Offline sync, easy to use. A sky free from clouds.

@tc @hund This was going to be my suggestion until i read the opensource part.

Otherwise it works great and is what i've been using for quite a while. Works on everything with a USB port.

@hund termux and pass, there is an otp add-on for pass and teux is just great

@hund you may consider using a physical token, such as a yubikey, nitrokey, or solokey.

@hund The Yubikey with nfc support (can't remember the model) should work on both platforms.

@hund I have a SoloKey which is open source. I also use Bitwarden which handles TOTP 2FA as well. And of course syncs with the Bitwarden server or your own. Not sure if Syncthing is necessary

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