I just spilled water on my computer..

The adult part of me hopes everything is okay, while the not so adult geek in me hopes that this is a good reason to upgrade my computer.

It's currently drying now. We'll see later what works. Wish me luck!

@hund Crossing my fingers :) A glass of water is what killed my first laptop after 8 years of faithful service ;)

@resist1984 I'm not a clumsy person when it comes to this, but I guess even the sun has its spots.

@hund was it powered off before water could get inside? I think the common reaction is people turn their device on because they want to assess the damage, but it's not the spill that does damage, it's the power going through a wet circuit board. So you need the discipline to wait till it's bone-dry.

@resist1984 It was currently running, but I turned it off and disconnected it as fast as I could. :)

@hund @resist1984 Have a mug with suction on bottom. They would witstand some amount of force and would not fall that easily

@hund damn that sucks. What kind of a computer was this?

@hund Hey that is a solid system, what kinda upgrade are you looking to mmake the processor?

@adam99 It looks like I don't have to. I have cleaned it and dried it, and it's alive! :D

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