Can anyone recommend me a good text editor that's not Nextcloud Notes or Markor?

@hund for editing text, vim or nano is always a good choice (especially with the command mode functions in vim). That's of course if you're not looking for a built in markdown text editor where you can view it after using he tags

@LinuxMathGuy I have tried Vim on Android before and it's not as of a good ideas as it might sound. :P

@hund I currently use (off and on) SimpleMarkdown from F-Droid. It can also do normal text of course.

Markor could have been an alternative. What don't you like about that?

@hund well... if you don't care if it syncs... I use:

It is stupid and simple, but I don't use cloud services. For something like that, I have no idea. I wish there was a FOSS version of Google's Keep. That one was awesome, except for the Googly stuff.

@brandon Hell no. It must be a native Android application.

@hund I use Joplin with some success and it has support for either syncing directly or you can just point it to a directory that NextCloud syncs

@hund There's also Obsidian but to get access to the Android app it's quite the one-time fee if you're not super invested in note-taking


I've always enjoyed Pluma myself. Not sure what if any specific features you may need.

@PublicNuisance Isn't that some editor from Mate or something? I was asking for alternatives for Android.


Ah sorry, misunderstood. In that case have you tried Acode ? It's on Fdroid and is licensed with the MIT license.

Another vote for Joplin... You can get it to sync with nextcloud or syncthing

@hund I would recommend Markor if you didn't mention against it. Which problems do you have with it? Too many distracting features?

@huy_ngo The developer is hostile and lacks manners.

@hund Joplin for standalone. Zettlr for opinionated Markdown. Dendron for turning a VSCode workspace into a text editor app.

And outside of those? I frankly use nano.

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