I'm still using my blank PBT-keycaps that I bought about 4 years ago. I had no intention of buying something new, well.. that was until this pretty looking set turned up.. :D

@hund my moonlander just came in... encouraging everyone to get one. they're phenomenal.

@hund ooh I like those a lot. I started looking at PBT keys after one of your posts last week. I have these ABS ones and I prefer the symbols and media keys, so I hadn't really seen very many options yet that I was a fan of.

@Cambria You're pretty much out of luck of you want something like that. :)

@hund so I have no rubber o rings right now and figured that's a good first step. The sound doesn't bother me, but my space-bar is pretty loud. In your experience do PBT keys sound and feel much better than ABS while typing? I could always keep my media and mod keys if I find a PBT set I like. The penguin stays.

@hund cherry MX blues are what I'm working with. So I'm not expecting silent operation or anything. I kind of like the click and clack.

@Cambria There's a difference.

If your spacebar is loud it's most likely due to cheap stabilizers. You can use thick lube (grease) to make it sound a little less bad, but you can't make bad stabs sound good. :)

@hund yup. It is definitely cheap stabilisers after watching that video.

@hund Too bad it's dye-sublimated and not double-shot.

@meisam That's rather uncommon on custom keyboards. :)

@hund Unfortunately that's ture. But most firmwares e.g. QMK, TMK, KMK, etc. do support backlighting. It's up to the board designer to use them.

@meisam The reason it's uncommon is that it doesn't add any value in terms of functionality for the majority of the users and the fact that high-end keycaps doesn't supports it anyway.

While dyesub is technically the second best method for legends, it's the more popular method due to the unlimited options in terms of colours and graphics. :)

@hund As I’m not in the majority group, I can’t judge the functionality for everybody. But saying high-end keycaps doesn’t support it is unfair. You can buy high quality Tai-Hao, Ducky, or Vortex double-shot PBT keycaps if you want.

IMHO, the problem has technological roots. It is harder to produce double-shot PBT caps which makes them more expensive and this higher price lowers the demand which turns into a negative feedback loop!

@meisam I'm talking about the enthusiast community, those who build and/or design their own keyboards. :) No one really cares about double-shots, because you can't make as visually pleasing sets like you can with dyesub sets. It's also a lot cheaper with dyesub. :)

I know that Leopold, Ducky and those make some really good sets, but those are OEM brands and not that common in the enthusiast community. I should have been more clear about that. :)

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