@hund Here you go on to your anti dust thing again...

@hund wtf... not only is this a privacy issue, it also messes up reproducible builds AFAIK... I'm surprised such a "security-focused" language had this type of issue for so long.

@wolf480pl @hund No

A generator at the host site had a mechanical failure and caught fire.
This resulted in the on site fire suppression system being knocked offline.
Subsequently the fire department ordered power to be disconnected/cut from the rest of the facility.
Emergency inspector is en route and once the fire department and inspector give the all clear Host will begin spinning servers up.
Unfortunately some servers were exposed to water and as such will require full server rebuilds before they can be brought back online, but data loss should be minimal.

@tn5421 @hund
This should be in the news as an example of how not to be the next SBG

@wolf480pl @hund
Not only doesn't it build reproducible, phrases like
"if you're privacy conscious, $USER should be anonymous or user"
scare the shit out of me. I know Qubes does apply that, but not everyone uses that.

And if they would get rid of the full paths, which often includes the username in the debug builds "it would break all debugger integrations".
My response to that is: it's already broken, it just hasn't fallen apart yet 🤯

A number of other replies made me "wait, what?!?"

I can't access it for some reason. 502 gateway error.

But Hyperbola project is also not pleased about Rust and says it has freedom issues.

@hund "Interestingly, despite being a privacy risk, the inadvertent inclusion of metadata such as absolute paths may aid computer forensics experts and the law enforcement as the path could reveal system usernames."

I don't understand what's interesting or "despite" about this. Things that aid forensics experts and things that are privacy risks are sets with 99.9% overlap.

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