I don't understand and I don't care why anyone would financially support FSF. It's not like they're doing anything that matters anyway, but what I don't like is this "cancel culture" and the bullying of them and Richard Stallman.

If you don't like them, just don't support them and don't talk about them. Spend your time and voice on something you like. There's no reason to be pricks about it.

@hund But they support many FOSS projects and helps maintain Linux softwares

@hund And it’s not like Stallman raped or abused anyone. He just voiced his opinion about something other people did. If I remember correctly, he said you can’t call it assault if there was no physical force used, and something else I can’t remember. It seems to me more like a nerd focusing on proper use of words (which lacks tact, yes), not someone defending the abuse of minors.

This “cancel culture” is too out of control.

@hund bullying is never okay. That goes for both sides; if I understand what I've been reading correctly, Stallman creates a hostile environment around him. So much so that his reinstatement has the other SFF volunteers ánd workers rebelling against it. (Leaving out everyone else.) It's blown up a lot, but that the SFF is seen as not a good place to volunteer with or to work together with should surely be discussed.

@fnord @hund would you bully a bully to stop him from bullying

@hund whem stallman and the other cancelled were there, fsf actively stood against atrocities in e-ethics and e-rights (e.g. windows-sins). many in this anti-rms crusade support the same tyrants and corrupt powers of whom free software tried to separate from. the message that "open source" has been literally spouting through the free software movement for over 5 years or more has been "software that shifts control of personal systems to outsiders are necessary for progress."

@hund seems I feel almost the same as you. Cancel culture is just nuts and annoying and really needs to stop. Its destroying more than it claims to help.

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