"Red Hat was appalled to learn that he [Richard Stallman] had rejoined the FSF board of directors. As a result, we are immediately suspending all Red Hat funding of the FSF and any FSF-hosted events."

@hund Don't trust Red Hat. They are much more evil than they look. In the Hispanic forum there a lot of fan boys of that company. The good side about this is how Red Hat is showing their real face step by step.

@hund RedHat is against Richard Stallman?
That's one point more FOR RMS 😂

@hund HAL and Red Hat aren't in it to support people's freedoms. They did help while it aligned with advancing their corporate agendas.

Guess now blaming and bad mouthing free software is more profitable tactic for them.

@hund knee jerk reaction from a company looking to stay on the good side of sjw. Or the company is now controlled by sjw.

@hund Do we even care about their money? They need FSF more then FSF needs RH imho.

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