Is anyone doing plaintext accounting? I recently started with Ledger and I'm enjoying it so far.

@hund I love it in theory, and it's better than the alternatives, but so far I haven't seen a tool that handles goods stock, foreign currency and rounding errors correctly.

@clacke Ledger is "currency agnostic". I'm not sure what you mean with goods stock or rounding errors?

Is this[1] something of interest?


@hund When you have goods or foreign currency that aren't priced in even cents, you always get rounding errors sooner or later. When you then `ledger -X HKD register` or whatever, those rounding errors should go as expense or income, but instead Ledger does an "adjustment" that is entirely outside the double ledger.

I would like to be able to enter everything in whatever commodities they are, and then `ledger print -X HKD` to get my pure-HKD balanced ledger with rounding error accounts configurable depending on the accounts involved, and that would be it.

I made a Calc spreadsheet for it, but it became unwieldy and I reverted to ledger-cli, basically semi-manually writing the pure-HKD ledger based on the almost-double-entry output from the mixed-commodities ledger.
@hund It makes me want to take two years off from everything and just write accounting software. =)
@hund Any year now! After I take two years off from everything and revolutionize how we do software reuse!

@clacke And how are you going to do that? :P

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@hund A protocol for flow-based programming over unix pipes and frameworks in multiple languages that transparently allow nodes in the flow graph to be in-process or out-of-process in the same language or another language.

Fractalide minus the cryptocurrency, component store, decentralized networking and GUI components (for now).
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