Is anyone doing plaintext accounting? I recently started with Ledger and I'm enjoying it so far.

@hund Do we need to be doing accounting? :) I don't think my finances are complicated enough. Any benefits from doing it?


@rzg I want complete control as I have strict goals with my economy; being able to retire early and have economic freedom. :)

@hund @rzg I would never spend all this rigorous effort on my personal finances. It's enough that I have an idea of what goes in, what goes out and what's the current balance. I do accounting because of business.

@clacke @rzg I do it because I want complete control over my personal finances. I don't track the changes on the stock market though, that would be a full time job in itself.

I wrote a Bash script that converts the CSV files from my banks into the plaintext format that Ledger likes, so it shouldn't be that much work in the future for me. :)

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