Do you use the classic buttons (hardware or software) or gestures on your Android device?

@hund Even from a security and privacy standpoint.

@hund Yes. Gestures can be controlled from remote people when hacked but you need physical access for button controls because the software needs to register your tapping and at least I think that is not a thing hackers can do.

@XxAlexXx @hund The buttons too. You can simulate hardware inputs, like keystrokes easily with the `input` binary (available on most (all?) Android distributions).

@tobtobxx @hund Huh really? I didn't knoe. Thanks for letting me know

@XxAlexXx @hund See this SO post, for more info: (Android commandline is very poorly documented..)

You can't do it out of an app (obviously), but when you have access to the commandline. No root needed.

Pretty sure can do everything programmatically, except a few newer phones have HSMs (security chips - eg. The Titan chips in newer Pixel phones) where theres a direct link to a physical button

Encryption/signing/confirmation operations can require someone to physically push a button

A classic/common tactic for malicious apps is to try to get you to enable it as a 'accessibility service provider'

Can then intercept your taps, perform inputs, change what you see on screen

@hund I use gestures for refreshing pages and the like, for anything else I use buttons, but I didn't even know there were gestures for other things. Maybe my version of android is just too old.

@hund On a normal phone there is no reason to prefer gestures over buttons. Is it?

@hund I use gestures. Because I don't like the fact that the software buttons take up physical space on my screen :)

I used BB10 For 5 years, I miss the gestures from it. Even neo android and ios don't have as fleshed out gestures as BB10 did on release.

@KyleRuzic @hund I still use BB10 over android whenever I can. I think BB10, Meego, and WebOS all did gestures better.

@hund buttons, gesture is just half-assed now, both in Android 10 and 11

@hund Buttons. I like the idea of gestures, but on Android they’re so bad that using them is probably some form of masochism.

@hund I've been using Android buttons and Gesture Bar app.

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