Can anyone explain to
me why it's
a good idea to hard
wrap lines in
email messages? For
me it just gets
annoying to read.

Why can't the
reader let their email
client format the

@hund idk.. I don't mind it much because it usually wraps them at a reasonable
line length like 80 chars.

@metalune That's the issue. 80 characters is nothing.

@hund Idk.. I don't have a big problem with it, but it might be if you have a much bigger monitor. I like gemini's approach to this, don't wrap at all, that's part of the clients' work

@hund I suspect that it's a desire to format emails. A lot of people send HTML mails because they don't know any better, it's the default in their client or they wish to control the presentation.
HTML mail bothers me, hard line breaks not so much.

@murks Don't even get me started on HTML formaterad emails. :D

@hund because Freedom Fighter Joe still reads them in 80x24 teeminal in some basic email client which ignores the reality

@charlag I'm one to respect everyone, even those weird people with obscure hardware and setups from the 1960's, but even if they do, why the heck doesn't their software support linebreaks? :|

@hund the thing is, it's not about ability to do something, it's about choice

@hund is it a poem? I think it's a poem

@hund I think it is UX design problem.

When you have a wide text input box with small text, you intuitively try to avoid your email look like two super long lines, which are very inconvenient to read.
It takes effort to imagine that the reader will (likely) have a different layout.

@dudenas It's not my fault if you bought a large monitor and doesn't know how to shrink your windows on your operating system. ;)

@hund No, it is just one possible explanation, what you aksed :)

@hund Isn't that the "rule" for plain-text emails? Mail clients do it automatically. People aren't hitting the enter key randomly.

@rzg Some say it is, I don't agree. I just exaggerate d a bit to make my point more obvious. :)

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