Is Google effectively killing most (if not all?) webfeed readers on their application store with their recent policy?

@hund That's weird. I think they want to cut competitors. Progressive Web Apps are the best alternative.

@hund Best tech to replace centralized app stores.

@10X I'm sorry, but I don't understand how a feature (PWA) in some web browser is supposed to replace proprietary application stores? :)

@hund "contain significant spelling & or grammatical errors", this is funny. Good luck doing that in 100s of languages and dialects.

@hund > News apps that aggregate content from different publishing sources must be transparent about the publishing source of the content in the app.

That is what would apply to Feed readers. I see no problem with it. You just show the link you got the feed from. (Although I don't trust Google on acting reasonable.)

@hund you give the peoples not the opportunity to find & read there articles direct over a feed reader then there use your search engine often to find there articles. 😉

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