@hund If you want to use it only for U2F on websites I adivse against it since not many websites support it. But as a second factor for your password manager it might be a good idea.

@Ghosty No? What should I have and what should it support?

@hund Ahh! Well. It depends on the use-case :)
As a secure key for your password manager it is a great idea!
But most websites don't support U2F yet.

If you want to get one, get it from a reputable brand and one that supports the Fido2 standard since that is a wide spread standard. :)

@hund But one really cool thing is that you can make pam work with FIDO2 for authentication :D

@Ghosty I looked at FIDO2, but Mailbox doesn't support it.

@hund And using Nitrokeys USB storage solutions is a bit to expensive if you ask me. A simple software encryption should be good enough :D

But the FIDO2 standart is cool.

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