Please reject amendment 171 and stop the plant-based censorship.

@hund 'Plant-based dairy' seems like a contradiction in terms.

Is it so that Soya Milk can fall under some regulations for milk?

I don't understand the aim.

@malin It's exactly what it sound like; plant-based alternatives to dairy products.

@hund Sounds like ambiguous language.

A bike is an alternative to a car, and therefore not a car.

I colloquially refer to soya milk as 'milk', but it's not dairy. It's not even a substitute for me - Alpro soya's just the best milk.

I wonder if it'd be easier to just promote less destructive milk than to call soy-beans 'dairy'.

@malin @hund bean juice just doesn't sound as appetising :p

@sotolf @hund
Try Alpro soya milk with the other bean-juice (coffee).

Nothing beats it.

@malin @hund I don't put white things in my burnt bean juice :) Just never did, so it doesn't taste good to me :) but I'm sure it's good if you're not that fond of the bitterness of coffe.

Only if it's really good bean-juice.

And of course adding nothing's even more environmentally than any kind of milk.

@malin @sotolf I prefer oat milk myself as it can be grown and produced locally. Soybeans causes a lot of deforestation and it has to travel a long way to end up at my home.

@hund @malin @sotolf never tried oat milk but now you have me curious... I drink a lot of cow milk. A lot.

@Cambria @malin @sotolf You should try it! Just don't expect it to taste like cow milk.

I used to be a huge consumer of cow milk when I was younger, I have since a long time replaced it with water and oat milk.

The cows and my health thanks me for it. :)

@hund @Cambria @malin @sotolf As an avid cow milk hater I can confirm that oat milk is much better.

Seriously though. I never liked cow milk. I find the taste to be weird. Oat milk tastes very different and I like it. The best thing is, that you can make your own oat milk with just water, a bit of oat and a mixer yourself.

@malin @hund The problem the milk industry has is that people are calling things like soy drink "milk", and the milk industry wants to own the term "milk" and reserve it for stuff that came out of animals. Same with "dairy" and "creamy" and so on.

@hund This is ridiculous. "Creamy texture" ? Seriously ? I think plan based companies should just make fun of meat and dairy companies. Like this is white plant-based liquid similar to one female mamals produce when they have babies. New level of abstraction.

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