I've been sick this weekend, so I spent some time on my own custom kernel. I'm not completely finished yet, but the time it takes to compile the kernel went from 55 minutes to 16 minutes. Which is not too bad considering the fact that my computer is 10 year old.

@hund Cool 👍 this is something I am afraid to do. I compiled my own BSD (free, dragonfly) kernel, but never (successfully) a LInux one.

@hund it was, for me, I only wanted to modify some things and add a HW support into the kernel itself instead of a module. With Linux, I don't know what I can remove, then the initrd and such. I know that if this would be my only option, I could figure it out, but...

@pet84rik Then Gentoo could be something for you. If you use their distribution kernel, you can apply any changes above the default configuration (either Gentoos or vanilla). You don't need to roll with and maintain your own config at all.

@hund I'm still thinking about giving it a try, there is a spare SSD on my machine ☺☺

@pet84rik @hund
Do a lsmod on your running linux
What you see is what needs to be in the kernel if you don't want an initrd.

@rudolf @pet84rik I found out about another cool tool this weekend as well. I have obviously forgot the name already, but I added it to my notes. I'll get back to you two about it later.

@hund I know it shouldn't be that hard, it is just... I don't know, maybe I lack motivation but you are right, Gentoo could solve that 😄 @rudolf

@hund interesting! Are you checking the drivers one by one or reading the documentation? I strive for this but it is a bit overwhelming

@Santral I've been doing tons of reading. :) A lot is given though and I could disable a lot without reading about it.

@hund yeah its true. I changed a bit the ticks system, but there was no considerable performance boost. I also tries tickless, but then startx wouldnt start (no pun intended)

@Santral It's highly unlikely that you'll notice any performance wise on anything that's remotely modern hardware. :)

@hund I did that too a while ago, I don't actually run that kernel anymore because I am too lazy to compile it but I got it down from 4 hours to infinity (after 4 hours I just stopped it) to approx 30

@metalune Wise choice, it's either a binary or custom kernel there. :)

@hund Gentoo is amazing. I'm using custom kernel based on 5.10.13 on a Thinkpad x230, started from a minimal version and I'm only adding whats needed. Compile time seems to be dependent on what I'm adding or removing but it takes mostly 1-2 minutes.

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