Not that it matters, but just for fun I had a look at the memory usage at boot. Before X, it used 19 MiB of RAM and with X and the i3 window manager it used 134 MiB. I seem to have issues with i3 though, as it used 33 MiB alone. Even with the memory leak, I guess 134 MiB is okay.

@hund if you're already using i3 I'm assuming optimal usage is the goal, memory leaks shouldn't be accepted 😂

@lopeztel I never said I woudln't do anything about it. :P

@hund let us know how that goes, thinking of switching to i3 myself, once my (neo)vim-fu is better

@hund How have you measured RAM? Just by using free?

@rzg @Ghosty No idea. ps_mem is reporting what the kernel is telling it.

@hund I use 615MiB in i3. I also have a mariadb, docker, syncthing, nginx and php-fpm running in the background. :D

@hund maybe pixmap memory shared with the X server?

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