@hund Cool :) Rofi and fzf for terminal only things can really do so much cool stuff :)

@sotolf Thanks! I can't live without Rofi. :) I haven't gotten into fzf. I'm probably way to organized to find it useful.

@hund Usually it's my glue for when I want to make a simple interface :) It's great for exactly tasks like that.

FZF is basically a terminal version of the same, it's used very well in dotbare for example to deal with git fzf is amazing, I just haven't looked into getting it to work like that for all of the rest of git as well, but that would be cool :)

@sotolf I guess I have to look it up a little better when I have some time to spare. :)

@hund i really need to play more with rofi!

Why switch from twitchy to wtwitch? Hadn't heard of either of them but now I realize I have been missing out

@yarmo Twitchy is abandoned and since Twitch breaks things now and then, it's important to keep any project related to Twitch somewhat current. :)

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