@hund The most important question is why does she want to learn german?! :D

@samurro @hund Why not? I learned German and have been having a lot of nice things come out of it.

@sotolf @hund Well I feel kinda the same, like she feels about people wanting to learn swedish. Why would anyone want to learn this bescheuerte language which is german. :D

@samurro @hund Well learning german is more useful than learning swedish, but then what I really don't understand is people wanting to learn Norwegian, it's like at most 5 million people that are able to speak it :p

@sotolf @hund Useful in regards to how many people speak german? I didn't know there is a lot of them. I also think most german speakers also kinda are able to speak english so...meh? :D

@samurro @hund Kind of speaking english yeah, but there are way fewer german speaking people that are comfortable with English than scandinavs, I live in Austria, and most people would much rather speak german given the choice. So I speak german 90% of the time.

@samurro @hund Also you have all of germany, all of austria, big parts of switzerland and so on, that's a lot of people, there are more people living in Berlin than there is in all of Norway as a comparison.

@sotolf @hund You don't want to talk to at least 50% of them, trust me. :D But anyways, I get your point.

@samurro @hund ;) But it's fun learning languages, I know, I've done it for years, coming from a place where you speak a langauge nobody knows you kind of have to get used to it.

@hund I don't really care or want to learn Swedish but oh my that struggle:)

@lig @hund What? Swedish is mostly pretty easy to pronounce :p

@hund I learned a lot of Icelandic at University. I have not learned Swedish yet, but I didn't think it would be that different. Seems that it is quite a bit different than I thought.

Now I want to learn Swedish. Hehe, thanks for that. :jrbd:

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