"Shodan reports over 85000 federating XMPP servers on port 5269 in total. Based on this, Prosody makes up 44% of the public XMPP network. That’s quite an achievement!"

@metalune It is! I've been using it for some time now and I have no complaints. :)

@hund @metalune @mgrondin Very happy to hear it! :red_heart:

The community is at least half of what makes Prosody great in my opinion, so thank you 🙂

@mattj @metalune @mgrondin Thank you! Prosody is one of my most loved pieces of software that I use. It's even close up there with Neovim. :D

@hund @metalune Just setup yunohost which comes with metronome enabled (fork of prosody) excited to be back with .... couple of things I need to figure out next ... what clients to use on macos and ios so that push notifications work and session from both devices clear that I am the same person and not two different people (if it matters) .... the second thing is what good tech groups to join on recommendations and invites appreciated

@softinio @metalune My partner uses Monal. It's not flawless, but the developers are helpful and responsive when you ask for help or report bugs.

I'm just on two chats, a swedish one called @Linuxkompis (which is mine) and @ChrisWere at Both are bridged to a Matrix-room and mine is also bridged to an IRC-channel, which is where I do most of my chatting when it comes to group chats.

Hi - yunohost - how interesting.
@home on Raspi or similar or somewhere hosted and how are your experiences with it?
I'm on the way, switching my freedombox@home to it.
@hund @metalune


> Two members of the dev team are currently available for freelancing on a full or part-time basis for any size project. We do strongly prefer projects related to Prosody/XMPP, and open-source if possible. Whether you want to hire us to integrate Prosody with your application, review your architecture, or develop a new feature in Prosody itself, get in touch. You can reach us at

Just thought I would highlight the above, otherwise nobody is going to find it at the bottom of a 1,000 word post. 🙂

@0 If I had the money I would pay them to help out with the situation on iOS. There's a few clients to choose from, but none are (as of today) close to where Conversation is. :/

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