Google have suspended Element in the Play Store without telling them why.

@hund Google's moderation algorithm has been known to overreact to tiny issues and flat out get things wrong. Fingers crossed that that's all that's going on here.

@moddedBear @hund @spla I always loved the old song “blame the algorithm” 😂

@moddedBear @hund @spla Also they’re not going to ban in their infrastructure as an internet provider and/or in their networks as a company. I will be glad to see what will happen if ban them.

@hund this is bullsh*t, they're probably going to argue something about the content 🤦‍♂️

@hund and they said, quote: "the download in the F-droid Store is a few versions behind."

FFS! Then how about making it NOT a few versions behind? So reasonable people can tell Google to just fsck off?

@fedops @hund I hope this helps make that happen, and/or makes them interested in providing their own f-droid repo.
@hund So apparently google stopped element because of "abusive content somewhere on Matrix".
@bjoessi @hund Remove all web browsers from the Play store.

Oh wait, that'll happen at some point, just like on iOS.

@hund "abusive content" somewhere on a messaging app?

So, why don't they remove twitter, facebook, whatsapp and all that group?

@joacim Oh. I thought that he was sarcastic and the joke flied by my head or something. :D

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