My two month contract at my current work have now turned into a permanent employment. Go me!

Perhaps adult me lets nerdy me upgrade my old monitor now.

@hund Congrats! Stability is nice, especially in these times.

@hund *insert obligatory hart and brain picture here

@hund well congrats! What a way to start a new year. 😃

@fedops Thank you! :) Indeed! It's already a better year than the last one.

@hund Congrats! Yea, splurge on that upgrade to 16-color. 😎

@hund Congrats! :) Perhaps a threadripper as well so you can use make -j infinity ?

@0xedd1e Haha! I'm considering upgrading to AMD Ryzen. We'll see how well my decade old computer with a ever so slightly less old Nvidia GTX780 handles a UHD monitor. :)

@hund I know, that's why I wrote my answer like that 😂😂

@pet84rik Ahh! I'm not falling for the multi monitor setup again though. ;)

@hund Been there before. With employment slowly came more rules and regulations, less flexibility, more unwanted projects with less time for their completion and finally my resignation. Be stronger than I was and stand your ground. 🤞

@hund So happy for you 😀! Adult you should definitely let nerdy you do ALL THE UPGRADES!

@MereLinuxMortal Thank you! :) I just need to decide for something I want.. :|

@hund @MereLinuxMortal good luck! I've been delayed by debate for a month or two.

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