There has been a lot of new users on Fosstodon lately. Where are you all coming from? :)

@hund I was watching some linux youtube creators and heard about mastadon there and got curious. That I ended up on fosstodon was just pure coincidence, but I'm so happy that I lucked on hitting a good instance :)

@hund better flag those accts as RWNJ and monitor them closely

@resist1984 @hund Ah, thank you :) that's the first time I've seen that one, I guess I'd be more of a LWC (Left wing commie) :p

@hund I've been on Mastodon for a while but relatively new to Fosstodon. I was on but the community there is weird. I have since now deleted my Twitter and FB accounts (FB in August and Twitter in October).

@hund I have a theory that did a pretty good job lately bringing more users into Matrix and that backfired on all decentralized networks.
Another theory is about Twitter is too much pain in the back for too many people lately and all those folks that were aware of Mastodon but were too lazy to migrate becoming motivated enough to do so.
Personally, I fit both categories.

@lig has matrix been having problems lately? I haven't used it since a couple months before the rebrand.

@Katsudon is not the only instance out there. I think you mean Riot rebranding to Element. This has nothing to do with the protocol and the network overall.

@lig sorry, miscommunication.I referenced the rebrand as an epoch.
Glad to hear that decentralization is catching on though.

@lig I don’t know about the others, but that’s spot on how I ended up here. I’ve been experimenting with matrix for a few months, then a few weeks ago I set up my own matrix homeserver. Then I went looking for more for decentralized goodness.

@hund ur moms house jk sketched cuz of prez trump censor ship + reading 1984 😂☮️

@mjkpolo @hund Am I still bad at English having speaking/writing/reading in it for almost 30 years or this is hard to understand?

@lig @mjkpolo @hund I had no problems understanding it at least, but my English is also far from the best.

@hund haven't been on Twitter or Facebook for years. I like the concept of federated or decentralized so figured I would give it a shot

@hund as far as I remember, I came from Google lol

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