What options do I have for remote desktop from Linux to Windows? It has to be dead simple, as the person I'm supposed to help barely knows where the power button is and they need to set it up themselves on their computer.

@hund a while ago teamviewer worked quite well for that

@hund I was advised to use proprietary Anydesk . I didn't because it's proprietary but people speak well of it. I'm still looking for a valid open source alternative

@hund VNC has always been working fine for me. TeamViewer as a backup.

@albi @hund +1 for VNC but do not expose it to the internet. If you have no VPN then Teamviewer would be a better choice.

@hund maybe TeamViewer. Check if it is viable because I haven't used it in a long time

@hund I've always found NoMachine pretty good and simple for people to install.

@hund Remmina works pretty well. Needs plugins for RDP but it works very well. Should be in all major repos.

@hund There is no decent floss alternative to TeamViewer or Anydesk. So if you want to use only floss I guess you have to use a VPN and/or deal with the Router. If you don't mind you can use TeamViewer or Anydesk.

@hund VNC works great if you're on the same LAN. If you want easy NAT transversal, AnyDesk works better than TeamViewer (IMO).

@hund Teamviewer works really well. I'm using it to help my grandpa.

@hund vnc + ngrok or vnc + tor hidden service (for NAT)

@svrb @hund getting them to set it up & connecting is the hard part. i used to have a VNC server set up on my dad's compu, including a shortcut to do "reverse-VNC" to a fixed hostname (FQDN) i controlled. Then i'd run VNC client in listening mode and tell him to click that shortcut on the desktop. Very good setup. Think it was TightVNC

@hund There is also a way to use the Windows remote desktop protocol :)

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