I'm currently sitting in my car, which is currently located in the ditch.. You gotta love the snowy landscapes as a car driver.

I've been sitting here for the past 1.5 hours now. About 30-35 or so cars have drove past me, about three of them stopped to see if I was okay. Ironically I'm next to a truck service place, I asked them for help, but they outright refused to.

I'm hoping that someone could help me so I don't have to call the tow truck, but it looks like I'm out of luck.

@hund Oh man! What country/state is it? In Russia, you would be surrounded by other fellow drivers and they would pull/push you out even via their bare hands for what it's worth.

@lig This is Sweden, the country where everyone only seems to be looking out for themselves. :)

@hund it looks like it, unfortunately. Well, it's not that far from Russia:) You have my invitation to visit Saint-Petersburg after the covid ends. You would need to rent a place to stay on your own, though:)
However, I'm showing you the city and places in the area.

@hund @lig jäklar :p tid för at lyssna på podkastar åtminstone he said in badly broken Swedish :p

@lig @hund he's in Sweden :) strange,the last time I drove off the road in Norway I had two farmers "racing" their tractors to help out :)

@lig @hund well, I'm not sure how different they are :p going over there border there there's like no difference :p not even the language people speak, the written language differs more though ;)

@hund Please be safe. And better call the tow. At least, spend some time in a warm place. I hope truck service folks could provide you with a temporary shelter at least.

@hund Why didn't the three that stopped help you? This sounds a bit odd... you can not be in a rural place. There is quite a cultural difference between rural and urban.

maybe they didn't have a rope to tow with or strong enough car @hund

@shellkr It's a rural area. It was literally next to a trucker repair place on a farm. They had tractors and everything, but they refused to help me when I asked them in person. :/ Two people who stopped was family with them and they both called the owner, yet no one came out.

@hund I'm sorry to hear that. This is one reason I'm wanting to go with triple A again. It sucks being stranded.

@jordan31 I have insurance, I was hoping someone would stop and help me. Which two guys eventuelly did. :)

@marian_mizik Two guys stopped and helped me. Only about 50 cars later. The car was just fine! :)

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