DHL managed to deliver a package to my door (in Sweden) from Spain in 20 hours. I guess their express shipping is worth the extra money. :)

@hund wait you managed to get a package to your door in sweden? I always have to grab it from somewhere

@hund That is extremely impressive actually. And the package was completely intact?

@hund If you're in Sweden, have you ever met the Blindside band? 😛

@greypilgrim No, but I used to listen to them when I was younger. :)

@hund in Canada, DHL is the most frustrating delivery company I've ever had to deal with. That's weird that it's so convenient over there.

@sf Don't worry, our domestic postal service called PostNord (previously Posten) is notorious for being bad. I recently heard about a guy who got a package from them, delivered in a rental car.

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