I'm working on a post about why I like tiling window managers. I've been using them for a long time and I'm always I miss the most obvious things. What would you like to see in post like it? It's written for everyone.

@hund Something about it not being something only "powerusers" can use. Let's see, most arguements against them are just so stupid. I just want the wm to manage the windows for me, I don't want to do it for myself, that's the best thing about tiling-wms for me at least :)

@hund if you can demystify it for the average computer user, and also point out that they can dip their toes without abandoning their current setups (eg there are extensions for kwin and gnome shell) that'd be super!

@hund are there possibilities to tile using a GUI nowadays?
I remember when I last looked into tiling WMs I had the biggest trouble to memorize these additional shortcuts to arrange windows and there was no GUI to use instead

@linc 100% what linc said. I was comfortable with keyboard but even then memorizing shortcuts is what kept me away for so long. I started from scratch and now pretty ok with Sway. Anybody used to the mouse and GUI way of doing things will find it intimidating. @hund

@thumb @linc @hund I have tried many wm and I can say the keyboards shortcuts are pretty the same in mostly wm. For example Mod + Shift + Enter open a terminal in DWM, Xmonad and Spectrwm. Mod + number change to the workspace "number" in all the WM I have tried. When I forgot one of the shortcuts I just read the config file to check it. The most you use the most comfortable you get. I love wm. I agree that WM is not for everyone though.

@hund for me the biggest selling points for tiling are the big focus on virtual desktops, plus nothing is ever hidden by overlapping windows.
Probably the most different thing to common DE is the launchers?

@hund Maybe what apps are necessary APART of the twm to have a fully functional desktop. Don't need to go into details but just mentioning how to achieve same things full blown DE offer would help I guess. For example, notifications, sound control, general shortcuts. etc.

@samurro @hund hmm, I have no notifications or tray, and just use terminal programs for setting volume and other stuff, but I probably am not really a normal user.

@sotolf @hund Exactly. And most linux fail to realize that. :)

Looking forward to that! I want to try it out.

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