@hund Nice simple hack. I use the DND feature to only allow calls from specific people, it's an underrated feature for sure.

@jaywilliams Cool! I used to use that as well, but I know live the only person who makes important calls to me. :P

@hund I wish I wasn't on-call so that would be possible, at least most of the time I'm completely off, I also went to the point that I never use cellular data, so when I'm outside walking there is nothing to disturb my peace and quiet.

@hund AFAIK the 5X and 6P HW triggered bootloops can be fixed on many devices by disabling 4 big cores and let in run on 4 small ones from the big.little arch. Friend of mine was successfull in reviving his 5X using the bootloader/kernel patch from the xda. more on that topic here:


if you still have the phone, it's worth a try or two.
may the force be with you.

@marian_mizik I still have it, but it's completely dead now. :|

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