Just realized that Github isn't actually not open source. I always thought that the github frontend was open source. I had been living a lie. Time to switch to Gitlab.


@hakanohi Gitlab.com is hosted at Google Cloud. And while they have an open source community version of Gitlab, a large part of Gitlab is "enterprise" and proprietary software.

I would advise you to consider something's that's libre software like Gitea. It's self-hosted, but there's at least two popular non-profit websites who offers free hosting.

* nixnet.services
* snopyta.org

NixNet is run by @amolith.

@hund @hakanohi @amolith Be sure to mentions @codeberg as a hosted gitea instance run by a society (not sure if this is the correct english word for the german eV - eingetragener Verein).

@codeberg @schwurbel @hund @hakanohi @amolith
Hah, nice to see you here. I was just about to recommend your platform. :)

@hund @hakanohi @amolith to add to that:

* codeberg.org/ is another gitea instance (iirc)
* sr.ht/ is @sir 's take on collabotive work (not just coding) which is more email-centered (I may not be fully doing it justice, here, I know if it's existence but lack the personal experience with it)

@doenietzomoeilijk @hund @hakanohi @sir I personally prefer SourceHut but the learning curve can be a little steep if you don’t have a good email setup. Gitea is much easier to work with coming from GitHub

@hund @hakanohi Or you can make a pragmatic decision and use Gitlab. 1) It's the biggest competitor to github with a lot of large foss projects and more coming. 2) All the most necessary features are open. 3) Once disaster strikes and you have to migrate your project all your Issues and other project stuff will be compatible with Gitlab CE and easily migrated.

@stemid @hakanohi Gitea supports migrations, even from Github and Gitlab to Gitea. There's no reason to use either Github och Gitlab. :)

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