Why Are So Many Websites Capitalizing Their Titles Like This? It Makes Everything Annoying To Read And It Just Looks Childish And Dumb.

@hund We Should Toot Like This Too Because It Is So Awesome!

@ndanes Or EvEn WoRsE LiKe ThIs LiKe YoUnG TeEnAgErS. :P

@hund @ndanes oR lIkE tHIs bECausE iT's mOre cOnFUsinG Xd

@hund @parasurv @ndanes

toot="I guess I'm not a pro at this."; for (( i=0; i<${}; i++ )); do if [[ $(($RANDOM%2)) == 1 ]]; then echo -n "${toot:$i:1}"| tr '[a-z]' '[A-Z]'; else echo -n "${toot:$i:1}"| tr '[A-Z]' '[a-z]'; fi; done

@hund @parasurv @ndanes we should add this to your favorite website's front-end! 😈

@hund @parasurv @ndanes I'm terrible at scripting but it gets the job done! 😎


Oh Come On They Did It All The Time In The Nineteenth Century

@hund I think this is called newspaper style, they usually capitalize almost all words in titles.

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