@hund I am fedup with their monopoily tell you the truth. Been evaluating @lbry.world and @peertube as alternatives. On that note anyone tried both and want to share how they compare?

@softinio @peertube From a content creators perspective, I think @ChrisWere can answer that question. :)

@hund from youtube perspective, I understand them - storage is not free, connectivity is not free.

@pet84rik I Kinda understand. I have always been allergic to those kinds of ads though, they just drain my precious bandwidth. :(

@hund yeah, youtube pissing in the face of customers and creaters more and more. Also I support bitchute with smol pledge on subscribe star.

@efftoyz Are you aware of the fact that BitChute is a video hosting service known for accommodating far-right individuals and conspiracy theorists, and for hosting hateful material? :|

@hund Well. I seen some stupid videos, but guess what? I don't subscribe to these people and laugh at their ideas. The whole "far-right" and "hateful material" idea is wrong. I am for free speech, censorship stops progress. It's like N word, for example. If nobody was giving a flying puck about that word, this would be just another a silly word. Yet people made it so powerful now, so you can easily call stupid black persons with N word and get them in fight..

@hund I mostly support it because some interesting creators who left youtube.

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