I found out about Migadu today. They seem like a good e-mail provider. Is anyone using them?

Things that I liked:

* 100% open source
* Independent
* Hosted in Paris at OVHCloud
* Own domain & unlimited addresses
* 2FA & app passwords

Things that I didn't like:

* Huge price gap between the two smallest tiers
* Smallest tier only allow 200 incoming and 20 outgoing messages per day

@hund yeah, was going to use them but got stuck on selecting domain name 🤣

@hund Bit of chatter here -

I definitely enjoy their service and especially their support on the rare occasion I need it. :)

@hund I use them, and they are awesome.
I had to contact them regarding spam filtering, and they performed beyond my expectations. More about that here:

@hund I knew months ago and I have never tried but I only see good opinions about the service.

@hund Yeah the incoming/outgoing cap on the smallest tier is a deal-breaker for me. I may go for the Mini deal though should I decide to stop hosting my own email which I from time to time concider doing.

@joacim They look really promising. I'm most likely is going to give them a chance. I really miss my aliases, especially now when I'm looking for work and have to give out my precious email address to a bunch of shady recruitment agencies. :/

@hund @joacim Also, Migadu gives great flexibility in regards of aliases. You can configure something like and also for all your recruitment needs.

@hund I think a couple of months ago their offers were far better, they probably weren't sustainable sadly.

@hund recently I found from the FSF page I am using its gratis account. I think it is very good. I can send you my email address if you have created your own.

@hund If you can set up postfix + dovecot you can run your own dedicated server on OVH Paris infrastructure for ~US$5/mo, without any limits

@hopeless Thanks, but I don't want to bother with self-hosting my own e-mail. :)

@hund Then you must accept the restrictions and pay 🙂

@hund Been using for almost a year now, it's pretty good, I'm using the Mini plan.

I'm really liking the admin interface, the domain health checks are pretty good too!

@hund Have you looked at 📬 I'm there and the services for the price (1€/month) are just superb. Everything is nice and responsive, lots of settings.

@albi Aliases! It looks like I can work around that with Gandi though. :)

@hund Looks very expensive for a personal email, compared to other options.

Did you ever look into

@rzg The smallest tier is my only consideration. I think I will stay with Mailbox though.

I did, they never managed to convince me though. :)

@hund the IN limit is a bit weird; I don't control how many messages I get. And if it's measured pre spam filtering, I would need at least the standard package.

With the sale @protonmail has going on, that's not comparable :P

@sexybiggetje @protonmail It is! :/

I think I will stay with Mailbox myself. I'm perfectly happy with what I get for 1 euro per month. :)

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