Is the book Practical Vim worth the price at €20-23? I'm considering buying it because I like reading physical books. I tried to find a used copy, but it's impossible to find it secondhand.

@hund There are no used copies lying around because the book doesn't have an easy way to quit.

@hund Those who bought the book and started reading don't know how to quit... 😉

@hund I don't remember if I ever bought that book, I can check on my Calibre library later, if I do own it I can _borrow_ you a copy.
Also, the Pragmatic Programmer book store always have a Thanksgiving promotion so I'd wait to buy - usually 40% off.

@esparta Thanks! That's kind of you. And the 40% off sound good as well.

@hund a so-called hidden library of the web (it was only accessible via tor, that 's why i put it's onion adress)
You can find many books, in .epub format or discover others, like at the corer's library. Enjoy !

@Vz01 Thanks, but I'm not going to illegally download any copyrighted content.

@hund allright, sorry... I meant you could start reading it or find another, waiting to find a hardcover or a good offer !

@Vz01 Thanks. It's a kind though of you. :) I actually had a friend with the book that I could borrow. If I like it I will probably buy it when it's on sale.

@hund turns out I had just the intention, but never bough that particular book. I only have "Learning vi and Vim", by Robbins, Hannan & Lamb (O'Reilly) if you are interested.

And the 40% off is on:

@esparta They unfortunately only sell digital copies of it. I want a vi physical copy. :)

@hund ohh I miss that part of your original toot, sorry.
Checking online looks like it's not gonna be easy to find for less than US$29 + shipping + taxes

@esparta It's available here for €22.81 with free shipping. It's not super cheap compared to other books, so I'm hoping for some Black Friday or Christmas deals. :)

@hund it is, and so is Mastering Vim Quickly

doing #vimtutor is for basics, both books are good to refine and extend by browsing, looking up.

@hund this site is a serious contestant, although not in print and not as extensive


@hund better books are kept forever, so they are rare second hand.

I was very lucky to find a brand new copy of Leslie Lamport's LaTeX user guide for only €4

@meine That's true. :) Nice! I tried learning LaTeX, but I'm too lazy.

@hund :-) understandable. a decent markdown can do most if you only need text. but it keeps attracting me

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