@hund I guess we can call off the youtube-dl source t-shirts now?

@hund now they should move out of a Big Tech owned software forge post-haste

@hund "Section 1201 dates back to the late 1990s and did not anticipate the various implications it has for software use today."
Narrator: along with most other US laws, but it probably still won't be changed.

@hund youtube-dl developers should've have grown a pair and left GitHub for good, but I guess the CEO convinced them that there could be something there for them, too.

@hund Holy shit! Did not anticipate this. I guess the uproar scared the shit out of them... but a good crawling back by the sound of it.. GitHub is still GitHub which has its issues but this is probably the best thing they could have done in this situation...

@hund so now DRM is going to creep into YouTube? In any case, this is good reason to move away from the Tech Giants, ie. Github and YouTube, in favour of smaller forges and projects like peertube

@frox If they do that, they're doomed and I'm pretty sure they're aware of it.

@hund care to explain? I would guess that most people either have the YouTube app or use chrome. Locking up content with DRM in that case would seem simple to me. I could be missing something

@frox I'm convinced that they're too afraid to loose users. I think it's for the same reason they haven't killed the web feeds. :)

@hund web feeds? You mean RSS? I guess that isn't very pro surveillance capitalism walled gardens

@frox @hund I think there's something also about still being compatible with the many thousands of YouTube apps on low end devices be it tvs, rokus / cable boxes, low end phones etc.

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