We're babysitting three kids this weekend and I have spent more time with their Lego than what they did combined.

I ended building this random car and I quite enjoyed it. I haven't touched Lego in decades. :)

I need to buy some just for me. LOL

Many of my things went away after my first marriage... Old Tech, Vinyl, etc, etc... It was a rough time.

@randynose Ouch! I'm sorry to hear that. I can somewhat relate to that myself.

@hund LEGO is awesome. Sadly my nephew is selling his, to buy some fancy drone. Kids these days don't know what they will miss later. I wish I had some space for the LEGO we have. :)

@parasurv Indeed! I'm glad I have my Lego around—somewhere—at my dads place.

I did unfortunately that mistake with my Nintendo Entertainment System a long time ago. :(

@hund I like the details like the tail pipes! :)

@hund For some reason when I build lego, all that appears is cars and spaceships. 😉

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