@hund I've been a single monitor user for a while, but recently tried to go dual monitor, only to back to a single monitor. The second monitor added no productivity and just ended up watching videos on it only, while cluttering my table top. I also find that the Gnome desktop works best with a single monitor too for me personally.

@hund 90% the same. I started with buku as well.

I switched from urxvt to kitty for unicode reasons. Switched from i3 to spectrwm.

@hund @rzg I have a similar setup but in my case it is Bspwm + dzen2. I do Firefox but do have Qutebrowser as a backup. And I am still sticking to dmenu instead of rofi.

I have never used Buku though.. what pros and cons is it to use it?

An idea is that you link those specified to your dotfiles.

@hund @rzg Thanks! I didn't prepare anything. Just screenshotted.. I like it a bit more clean. As you can see I like tabs... and my use case is to open a new tab for new things -> make it pinned if interesting -> bookmark if it is interesting but of no use at the moment.

Does Buku offer any type of syncing and support on mobile or do you have to sort that out yourself? Is there anything with dmenu support like Passmenu is for Pass?

Buku saves everything in a simple sqlite database, you can sync that.

Or you can export to html/markdown/json and some other formats.

There is a buku_run that works with rofi. Although, you just need a few lines to make your own.

For my case, I wanted to separate the bookmarks from the browser. I use both firefox and qutebrowser too.

Plus, it is very easy to search/tag/export/backup/sync with buku. The firefox bookmark manager is quirky.

@shellkr @rzg Okey. :)

With buku you're not limited to one web browser. I find it easier to manage my bookmarks in the shell with tags and all that. There's also support for Rofi.

In didn't think of that. I will add a link to my dotfiles. Thanks!

@hund emojis? Nooo :P Kitty is so far the only terminal that shows all Armenian letters properly. Otherwise, I wanted to switch to alacritty.

@hund Do you still use your dual virtual monitor hack (mon.py)?

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