@hund that’s awesome. Vimium is how I drive Firefox and I couldn’t live without it, but your “reverse” journey is really interesting and makes sense. Here’s my “learning vim” post from 2011 (it hasn’t aged well, of course) 0chris.com/learning-vim.html

@stchris Thanks! I liked your post as well. :) It's always awkward reading your own stuff, especially when it's really old!

@hund I've already told you but I'll say it again: I love #Unclutter too!

@hund Interesting! For me, it also started with #Vimperator. My colleague recommended it, and I tried it. Stopped using it after a few weeks, but still it led me to decide to learn #Vim.

I guess I didn't have time to learn to use it at that time.

@hund So, you went the other way? From Vimperator to vim?

Now, that I think about it, maybe I used Vimperator before vim as well :)

@hund nice story!

if you like vimperator, take a look ate #qutebrowser -- it is a full #Vim keybinds browser. shows webpages well and is fast!

@meine Thanks! If you continue reading you'll see that I've been using qutebrowser for years. :)

@hund I browsed your site a bit and indeed saw qutebrowser. also saw a lot of other programs I also use like mutt, newsboat and ranger.

I used i3 for quite a long time, but changed to CWM because the constant tiling and re-tiling isn't my thing (I use to quit a program when I don't longer need it that moment)

@meine I was referring to the one post though. :)

They're all good software! I can't imagine me using anything else.

I do that a lot as well, but we're all different! I can't imagine using anything other than a running window manager myself. :)

@hund it's hard to red in the table the red text under gray background.
Anyway, thanks for sharing! Good reading!

@victorhck Thanks!

You think? I have to investigate that further then.

@victorhck Oh. That's right. I have a dark mode, but i never use it myself. I need to update it. I will add it to my todo-list. :)

@victorhck I have made some updates now. It should be a lot better? :)

@victorhck Great! Let me know if you find anything else in the future. :)

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