@hund looks like site is down, at least from here =)

@efftoyz I had perfect timing, the hosting service is having issues with a server right now. :P

@hund connection times out. Really looking forward to reading that. I'm using a plain text file to keep track of all the little todos and it's been really good.

@stchris I had perfect timing, the hosting service is having issues with a server right now. :P

Don't have too hight hopes though, it's rather simple. :)

@hund but that's what I'm discovering here as a well: a plain file with line-by-line entries. Maybe put an x in front of what's done. Works really well. I resist the urge to write some tooling around it :)

@hund after many years I am still struggling with handling todo-list(s) :blobpeek:

Have you checked out this "standard"?

It has tooling available on many platforms. I tried it once but it didn't stick. I should try markdown again.

@remaster I have looked at it, but it's way more complex than what I want it to be. :)

@hund True that. Typical open source standard, it has _all_ the possibilities! 😉

@hund Heh, that's even compatible with the Markor Android app – which is a feature-rich Markdown editor including a todo-list feature. Guess which file name it's using for todo…

@IzzyOnDroid @gsantner Neat! I might have to give that application a try.

@IzzyOnDroid @gsantner I have now tried it and it looks good. One thing I didn't like was that it doesn't seem to remember what format I want. I changed the todo.txt to use Markdown formatting, but every time I opened it up again it would change the formating to the default and add a bunch of annoying line separators between every heading and task. :/

@hund @IzzyOnDroid

The "ToDo" tab uses todo.txt (just like in the name ;) ), on the main page this is always enforced. Also see the blog post, the website and many other articles to find more about todo.txt.

However you can create as many Markdown files and work on them, as you wish.

@gsantner @IzzyOnDroid With all due respect here, but that's just stupidly confusing. :)

Since when did "todo.txt" become some sort of made up imaginative standard? The name implies it's /plain text/ with /no rules/ and you're free to do what you want.

Please. Let plaintext be plaintext.

@hund @IzzyOnDroid

Just like Markdown, it's a plaintext format. Everything you say would apply to it too, as of rules..well there is software that works with the files, so if you want to use Markdown features you need to write Markdown. todo.txt is very simple, 1 todo = 1 line, so not something difficult.

@gsantner @IzzyOnDroid It's your application and you're free to do what you want with it, but I can't use a text editor that doesn't let my plain text files to be plain text files. :)


As said, todo.txt is only enforced for the ToDo tab, hence the name.

For all other plaintext / .txt files there is normal plaintext editing without special syntax.

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