Opiniated journalism can be pretty funny when they're writing a pretty passionate article about something they don't know a single thing about.

@hund seems like he doesn't know mastodon is a part of a network of several platforms 🤔

@christoffer It seems like he doesn't know a lot of things. :)

Perhaps he does have some legitimate worries, but he seems to've had real trouble separating the medium from the message.

His solution - that Twitter will fix itself - seems like pie-in-the-sky too.

Reads a like a toned down version of the previous "Mastodon is dead" articles

Mastodon continues to grow, I believe... And will continue to do so whilst people desire to use it.

The #federated construct, and the #OpenSource nature of it means that it won't die. Maybe that's a point of irritation to Twitter and their devotees.


In German that's called, "talking like a blind about colours".

Who cares.

@hund Looking at the title, in fact, as history has shown, everything is temporary :)

@rzg I would argue that humans ignorance is pretty constant. ;)

@hund The way he talks about Mastodon, it's very clear he never used "the site" 😂

@stevenroose Indeed! It was one of the funniest articles I've read this year. :)

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