@hund I don't know if you have seen the idea about "interchangeable wardrobe":

When you know what you need in your wardrobe it's very easy. You just replace a cloth when it gets unsuitable for wearing (damage, doesn't fit, etc.) preserving the interchangeability.

Added bonus: if you have the concept of "home cloths" (something you wear only at home and occasionally outside for short time) in your culture, use some of the worn out "official" cloths to restock the "home" ones.

@hund pikabu.ru/story/u_kazhdogo_muz
Here is a Russian joke about the "home cloths".

Roughly translated:
Each man has three types of clothing:
1. For going out.
2. Home only.
3. Home only, but can go to the nearby store with it.

@_1751015 Thanks! I the links looks interesting, I will have to check them out. :)

@hund great idea. I guess one can, pressumably, just give away the clothes too?

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