@hund Seems like you could fill a niche with a lil JavaScript add-on to static sites that lets people comment via ActivityPub (through some sort of hosted AP service, I guess).

Of course, the admin of the site should choose which instances to federate with, rather than the host of the service.

And, personally, I think it's a nice design choice to have comments only visible after some explicit user interaction to show them, like a "show the comments" button.

@hund so... a comment to your cinnabun article.. I love how the swedish guy is called Fika.. very important for swedish people as well 😄

@hund Eh, just point them to a thread started by you on the Fediverse. MVP! I've seen people do that by pointing to a Hacker News thread.

@patcoll It's what I have started doing right now.

@hund I see remark42 on your list. I have that bookmarked to try out in the future. What caused you to reject that one? It looked very promising to me.

@Digital_Edge I can't remember. I think it was either the documentation or the installation process, or possibly both.

@hund that's the struggle. Also, I like the new look of your blog!

@hund this is kind of a side effect of having a static site generator generated site, imo. if you used a framework, writing your own comments is pretty easy, but i understand you might not want to go that route. If you were open to something in the middle (between static site and framework built app), there's https://getgerbil.com/ written in #nim. I have not used it, but i just watched the dev's video from #nimconf 2020.
@hund well I think it uses the set of apis that are shared with mastadon as well so it should be compatible. If not, the concept is pretty simple to implement yourself.
@gopiandcode @hund
>I hate Javascript and refuse to write a single line of that godforsaken language.
>As such, this plugin is actually built by transpiling from Ocaml.

The biggest power move
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