You know that Apple has succeeded with marketing when people actually thinks that Apple cares about the user and their privacy.

@hund there was a time they did care about their users, to a point, at least as much to guide people towards user friendly software design. cook is however, a man who contributes nothing. :blobcatverysad: and has happily ran even that in to the ground.

@hund they care because it's a good marketing and selling point, and they don't need to invade privacy because they don't depend on ads.

Now what I don't believe is that they care because of ethics, but as long as they do, I don't mind the reason.

@hund Apple has the same practices as Google. The main difference they are more "private" is because they are not in the ads business. Different case with Siri, They did the same as Amazon and Google, They were listening conversations to improve the algorithms. And the worst thing. Their practices are monopolistic, much worse than Microsoft when it used to be the biggest company in the desk and Google which is the biggest one in the mobile.

@hund Another thing. I admire Apple because they do not have customers, they have fans. That's a very difficult thing to achieve with a company. That's why Apple can announce the "iShit" for $1000 and many people will buy it without any question.


@hund saying that is like saying I admire Hitler,cause he didnt have people,he had fans.When he said kill jews,they killed,when he said let 20k starvate to death in Netherlands,they made it so.The fact,that Apple is able to market itself to a point when people are not only willingly buying overpriced,brutaly restrictive,often mediocre stuff,but they are also loud and proud about it is very sad and it is duty of everyone who see that to explain them whats wrong

@marian_mizik @jrballesteros05 @hund What is wrong with you? You’re comparing someone buying an iPhone to a fan of Hitler. Your perspective is way off.

@m1k3 @jrballesteros05 @hund that is not true. It was only exaggeration. I am talking about being proud of doing something, or being part of something, that is bad and being able to see it. that's all.

@hund To be fair, I'd say that Apple cares about privacy like Google cares about offering free stuff. Not that any of them has any special love about the subject, they just care about it as much as it's profitable in some way, and won't make any effort towards it above what's profitable.

But as far from 100% private that Apple is, it's still better than Google. And I would still recommend it for someone *without technical skills* that cares about privacy.

@bighi Both Apple and Google use "privacy" as a selling gimmick. They both spy on their users in various ways and they both lack any respect for the users privacy, which both have proven multiple times.

I don't like either of them, but Google has at least not been caught listening to their users via whatever alterantive to Siri they have. :)

@hund Isn't there news about Google being caught listening at least once a month? There was one yesterday, even. Chrome on desktop is turning your mic on and listening without telling you. And I don't remember Apple actually being caught listening to anything.

Don't get me wrong, there are at least a million problems with Apple. Both big choices for mobile have lots of problems. But at least with regards to privacy Apple is way better (still not near perfect, etc etc).

Corporations like Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft or any others really only care about users' privacy to the extent required to keep themselves from legal actions. Individuals within these corporations may care but this only benefits users as far as those individuals can impact the corporate objectives and until they change management. At the end of the day it is only about profits. After all they are for profit organizations.

@hund if users desire privacy then users must educate themselves on the technology used to provide the services they consume and accept the fact that resources like electricity and hardware and sys admins time do cost something. There is nothing free in technology. Even if FOSS software and hardware is used the resources to execute the operations still have costs.

@jduncan8142 Yes and no. The user absolutely need to educate themselves about the tech they're using, but no matter what level you're on, you should always expect the product to be ethical.

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