Here's an open letter to Oatly (in swedish) questioning them why their "naturally sweetened" oat consists of 41% sugar, while actual natural oat contains about 1% naturally occurring sugar.

And in case you missed their recent deal with Blackstone (known for deforestation of the Amazon rainforest and making people homeless with their unethical practices of inflating rent):

@ericbuijs No. 41% in the oat. Their oat milk only contains 10% oats.

@hund I see, thanks. I suppose that Oatly is more a marketing machine than a producer of oat milk.


i am imagining an executive there shoveling sugar into his nostrils with a small plastic beach shovel while grinning and trying to say "SUGAR IS NATURAL!" through clenched teeth.


you'll know they've sold their souls to Mammon when they're using high fructose corn syrup, the crack cocaine of food additives.

@hund Holy, I haven't been aware of anything like this... I really did love Oatly's milk and even considered implementing it on my daily-basis, yet it looks like I'll have to go with Alpro or "nemoloko" as sustainable alternatives 🙂

@makkusu Same here! I'm looking for an alternative myself now. I have replaced cow milk with oat milk some time ago. :)

@hund Wow, that's cool! I've been working on replacing cow milk with oat one yet it's one of the most expensive ones here. We have Joya, NeMoloko and Alpro as alternatives to cow milk - these ones, especially nemoloko, are wonderful firms with decent products

Soy milk is the best alternative milk. Tastes good, and is an actual source of protein. The memers who think its bad for men base it all off of poorly researched psuedo science.

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