I asked @Fairphone if they have considered offering an actually fair phone without any unethical services from Google.

They never replied. It looks like their account is just a dummy account, which is only mirroring their content from the unethical service Twitter, with a bunch of unethical and insecure links from Bitly on top of that.

That's not very "fair" if you ask me.

@joacim I still thinks it's the least bad option. It's just stupid that they're failing on some silly things like this.

@hund @joacim the modularity/reparability justifies the whole project in my (admittedly ignorant) opinion.

But I agree this is a somewhat estrange move given their marketing pitch.

@hund @Fairphone and people wonder why masto users don't look kindly on crossposters...

@hund @Fairphone Wait, I might be wrong but don't Fairphone offer their phone with /e/?

@LinuxLounge @hund @Fairphone Indeed they do.

Additionally, the source code of both FP2 and FP3 is available here:

For FP2, there is Fairphone Open.

@ashwinvis @LinuxLounge @Fairphone /e/ claims it to be "Android without Google"


"Compared with our second report, network traffic to Google servers seems to be reduced to the web browser of /e/. The cleartext traffic of Magic Earth disappeared. The Weather app still leaks all traffic, including device information."


@ashwinvis @LinuxLounge @Fairphone [2/2]

"/e/’s Apps store uses to get applications. However, nobody knows the operator of, and their privacy policy doesn’t comply with current GDPR requirements. Moreover, some users raised legal concerns regarding the applications that seem to originate from F-Droid and APKPure."

@hund @ashwinvis @Fairphone cleanapk is pretty yike-sy and /e/ really needs to do something about that, although at the least cleanapk seems to be clean in my tests

@LinuxLounge @Fairphone You can unlock the bootloader and flash it. By default they ship standard Android with Google services.

@hund @Fairphone

To me it feels like you are forced to fight one battle at a time and it's a bit frustrating.

In the case, you are taking a positive step towards hardware reuse and recycling but three negative steps away from ethical software and privacy.

I was looking at the app yesterday. It seems a nice initiative to reduce food waste. Needless to say: proprietary app, google dependant, trackers from every major company...

@hund Well that is bad customer service indeed. But I think most customers want GServices, for better or for worse. And the Bootloader is unlockable, right? :)

@Ghosty It is, but it takes away some security for most users. And most don't want to hack their phone.

@hund But most want the GSuite and take the fact that they are being spied on.

@Ghosty And that's fine, but then they could go on and create the Unfairphone or something. Just don't call something fair if it's unfair.

@hund Can you call something fair if it’s a product that not everyone can get despite their best efforts? ;)

@hund @Fairphone This kind of story make me think about the companies that actually care about the values we care aed the companies that use it just to capitalize over us.

@hund @Fairphone You probably want to take a look at the shop of @e_mydata which offers Android without Google. Fairphone officially cooperates with /e/, so they offer Google-free-Fairphones under the hand there.
Also note that Fairphone would have to stop selling phones with Google-Android on it, if they would only once sell a phone with an Android-fork on it.

Youre being pretty zealous right now. The market is already niche, and like it or not, people want gapps. If you take them away, they will send money elsewhere. FOSS doesnt pay.
AFAIK the entire idea of fairphone is ethically sourced labor without slavery, which is MUCH more important than a frakly first world problem of Google doing this and that.

@hund @Fairphone props to them for using an ethical hardware supply chain- that’s a really big deal. I too wish they would take the dive into ethical software like Purism or Pine. Hopefully everyone moves towards ethical hardware and software together. Next few years should be big for ethical mobile!

@hund @Fairphone
I need a phone with Android compability so I bought the FP3 with /e/.
I see it as the least worst phone to get and still be able to use the needed applications.
Use F-droid for as many apps as possible and Aurora store for the apps only found in Play store.

It's not perfect, but we need to start somewhere.

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