Fairphone would be really fair if they shipped their phone (or at least allowed the user to install) a Google-free version of Android on their phone without having to unlock the bootloader.

@hund The problem is that if you don't lock the boot loader the ROM at the factory the software sometimes gets exchanged between the factory and the customer. Therefore sorry for you, having to wait a few hours but it is for the sake of safety of the others who don't install custom roms. 😉

@zem I think @hund means that the bootloader cannot be relocked with non-stock firmware?

@mplammers @hund Same problem basically. Some phones (I dont own a fairphone yet tbh) show their users on a bootscreen that they are running non-stock image. The thread is not google but "commercially" flashed after market firmware versus the interest to really own the device. The possibility to relock the bootloader after flashing with an own code would be a very nice feature though.

@zem @hund I disagree. It's a critical feature, not a nice to have.

@mplammers @hund not even the FOSS (linux and BSD OS) are supporting BIOS Relock properly, 🙈 🙉 🙊 why should an Android phone manufacturer suddenly start with it? I agree, that it is a critical feature that has to be demanded.

@hund What's wrong with manually unlocking the bootloader and after some changes locking it again? Ungoogling is a niche technique today. Most customers wouldn't buy an ungoogled phone. You doing it yourself is much cheaper than them offering a few preinstalled phones.

@hund e foundation ship their fairphones with /e/ pre-installed. Do check them out.

@mart I don't think they're a good company. :/

@hund thanks for the link. Hopefully things improve. I'm having e on a fairphone now.

@mart I don't think they're outright evil as Google or Facebook, they're probably just a bit naive and partly clueless how the open source world in general and how trust works there.

Also consider it takes quite a lot of resources to fix everything with leaks and cleartext. E.g. it was recently version 0.9 on Fairphone 3. Still alpha-ish.

@Hund There's always the version from @/e/ Foundation.

But yeah I agree. When I got my Fairphone II it was actually that simple. I booted the preinstalled OS once, opened the web browser, pointed it to the fairphone open web site, clicked the download option and ran the APK. After a couple of reboots the fairphone open system had replaced the googlified version.

Last time I had to help someone with this the simple installation was gone, and you have to go through the full install over USB/adb thing. Not a problem for me, but a big hill to climb for a lot of people.

That simple method also takes some work to maintain I presume. Maybe can be easier since GSI with Android 8.

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