How do todays parents deal with kids wanting to join crap like "Barbie's VIP club" for some crap Barbie game where 95% of the game is behind a paywall?

How do you explain for them that the game is shit and that the developers only want to scam them for money?

@hund The exact same words as you used in your post.. but maybe exchange "shit" for "poo poo"


the same way parents had to explain to their children that this "weekly magazine" was in fact a book that had been divided into a hundred or so pieces and each one sold for the same price as the original book.

@hund Kodi + IAGL + retroarch + old barbie games without paywalls

@hund Well. There are 2 routes. The first one would be to let them pay for it with their money and let them learn it their own way.
The second way would be to just not allow them to pay for that and show them alternative games that are as fun but not a scam? :)

@Ghosty Finding alternatives would probably be a good idea if it were on my devices, but she's using an old Ipad and I have no clue how that Apple world works.

@hund Just take a look in the AppStore, I guess. Apples usually has got a decently curated list of games there. :)

My oldest is only three, so I haven't had this issue yet, but my suggestion would be redirection.

@hund easy... they won’t have tons of time on mobile devices.

It really, really concerns me that so many parents and guardians just let their little ones play on their phones all the time.

Those apps and games are designed to be habit forming. And kids are right in the sweet spot for being susceptible to it AND vulnerable to accepting that kind of experience and habitual usage as normal.

I see no reason why my kids would actually need a smartphone before, say, middle school. Even then..

@wholesomedonut I hope that I stay true to my principles when I have kids. :)

@hund I would deal with this by not having kids in the first place :)

But, more seriously, I would not provide mobile phones until at least 15/16 of age. By then they should be able to decide for themselves.

@chozron @hund about phone. reality is different. No pay phone anymore, and kids go much freely around 12-13. The are not that many options

Barbie money pit. Depends on the age. 4 yo = no. 8 = you develop critical thinking. They also need to learn by their own mistakes. Wont be Barbie, but this applies.

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