@hund would you rather have two more days or a FAB? That's what I thought, FAB it is. /s

@yarmo @hund dare It took me a bit to realize you were talking about the button as opposed to some deep inside joke/reference I didn't get - even searched UD!

Floating action button is such a weird term

@Ted @yarmo I have never liked it. It has always annoyed me to have things in the way of the content. This is not the first time this happens with this kind of button, but this is the first time it's overly annoying.

@hund @yarmo *some* things in the way of the content, I can get -- but it seems like the trend is to make the screen bigger and stretch the content to maximize the use of the screen...to then shoehorn your buttons in?
@hund Surely the days behind the button are still accessible -- just requiring a lot more precision, right?
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