If I only had some switches, I could actually use this prototype now.

(This is not the final look, it will have an acrylic middle layer as well.)

@hund this keyboard looks fabulous. If it's ergonomic as well, I am ordering 🤗 or crowdfund…

@yarmo It's probably as ergonomic it can be without spacing things out with weird layouts and whatnot. :P

No crowdfunding. This will be stocked and funded by me personally.

@hund looks really nice. =) i need one in hhkeyboard style with mxbrowns. :D

@0hlov3 HHKB and/or Tsangan layouts might come later. :)

@hund Do you mind sharing where you got the plate materials made?

@patcoll They're from a swedish acrylic company. :)

@hund Cool. I'm working to find companies that take small online orders since I'm just getting started :)

@patcoll You have LaserBoost for aluminum and other metals.

@patcoll If you can provide me the file for your middle layer, I can make you a 8mm thick acrylic piece at a fair price. :)

@hund I discovered these tools this week and they are amazing

@hund How thick will you make the middle layer, do you think? I ordered some top/bottom plates in steel and I'm trying to estimate how thick to make that, and then what standoffs to get, if any

@patcoll It's going to be 8mm thick. I think 7mm is minimum.

@hund This is going to sound like a dumb question, but with a sandwich case with the middle layer in there, how would you typically fasten everything together? The guide I'm following assumes standoffs in the middle where the machine screws would screw into, but with a middle layer that wouldn't apply.

Something like attached image, with a bolt and nut? Or another strategy?

@hund Thank you so much for answering my pestering questions 🙏 Trying to soak up all the knowledge I can 😄

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