I added support for night mode for my website. I don't use it myself, but it didn't require much effort and I'm sure some will like it.

@hund I like your dark-mode, it looks nice :)

@sa0bse Thanks! I wanted green links, but green and black is not good for some colour blind people.

@hund I re-modeled my theme on my website earlier this year and got a bright and a dark mode with CSS :)

I put quite some efforts in making sure to have good contrasts for everything :)

@sa0bse thought it was going to be some javascript option in the static page generator that encapsulated the page in a div running javascript that would render the page.

@nergal I was impressed when I found that out was possible with css. And using some css trickery and a checkbox one can build a toggle for it as well without js

@hund Here's my "test" page where I test (almost) all site features. All when it comes to colors at least:

@hund please be careful with js. js jacks shit up!

@hund please be careful with js. js jacks shit up!

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