I wish there was a proper alternative to Google Maps for Android.

@hund what's insufficient about OsmAnd+? I've been using it for years to get literally everywhere

@amolith @hund in my area OsmAnd is lacking a lot. I still subscribed and am working on updating the map in my area on openstreetmaps. Trying to do my part and make it better for the next person in my area that wants an open alternative.

@logrus1 @amolith I used to contribute to OpenStreetMaps before, but got a bit frustrated at how slow my contributions was accepted. It usually took weeks.. :/

@hund @amolith at least for my edits I have not been checking the box requesting someone to review my edits. Most of my stuff has been new adds and with the subscription to OsmAnd live I normally see the updates in the app on my phone within an hour or two.

@logrus1 @hund Yep, I leave that box unchecked and get it in an hour or two in the app from F-Droid as well. While I'm adding the location, I make note of the coordinates so I can enter them in the app if I need to leave before the update is pulled.

When I was at home, I needed to add a lot of locations outside the city center but, where I am now, my uni actually uses OSM for all of their maps and they've done the whole city from what I can tell.

@hund @logrus1 Leave this one unchecked and your edit will be visible on the OSM website as soon as you upload.

@hund @logrus1 @amolith

At least they get accepted, it's been years and Google maps still has my street name wrong after multiple reports

@logrus1 @hund That's fair. I've been to a lot of places that I have to look up the address of in some other mapping service then compare that with what I see in OsmAnd and approximate its position. I generally set aside about 10 minutes beforehand to make sure it already exists in OSM and map it in JOSM if not. It can be a hassle but I do think OsmAnd itself is much better than Google Maps

@amolith @logrus1 You can copy the short code from Google Maps. Like "JWXF+WG Kättsta" and then use that as a search word to receive the exact coordinates. I figured that out just now.

It's not a optimal Google-free solution, but it's quick and it works.

@logrus1 @amolith @hund This is really depending on the area, in my city OSMAnd is routinely more up to date and detailed than Google.

@amolith I don't remember, but I will give it another chance.

@hund The version from F-Droid is the "premium" app from Google Play so you don't have to pay for for the upgrade if you'd rather not :blobthumbsup:

@amolith @hund ha! Guess I should start using fdroid. At $7.50/year though I don't mind. One of those apps I don't mind contributing money to so that it keeps getting better.

@logrus1 @amolith F-Droid is my main application repository. I only use Google Play Store if I absolutely have to, like for my bank application. :)

@hund @logrus1 @amolith You could use Aurora. It let's you download anything from Play

@verita84 @amolith @logrus1 I used something like it before on my previous Google free phone. Unfortunately, the phone decided to die on me a while back and I've been since then stuck on stock Android on my new phone.

@hund @amolith @logrus1 Ah. I am using Aurora on Stock Android. Helped me avoid having a Google account. No root.

@verita84 @amolith @logrus1 I had major issues with that so I ended up creating an account for it. :(

Another happy user here. It works really well!

@amolith @hund I am mainly missing real-time traffic information to choose between 3 different routes of similar length, which are often congested. Otherwise it does the job.

@nubesik @amolith That's thankfully not an issue for me in Sweden. :)

@hund I learned about osmand the other day. It seems to be really good!

@hund what needs an app to be a "proper" alternative from your point of view?

@schwurbel For it to have decent navigation. It looks like OsmAnd+ have made some progress since I last tried it.

@albi @hund Google owns Waze too, so that one was a bad suggestion 😅 My recommendation is OsmAnd+

@edgren @hund Wh..wh..wh..WHAAAT? How? When? Bottom line: I wasn't aware of that.

@hund have you check out #OsmAnd. Honestly I really like it but I have trouble configuring it as I do with all open source software.

@hund same for ios.

I want to like osmand but it crashes instantly every time I click on a place, click route, and pick public transit.

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