Do you like the new look for my website?

@hund Nice.. have you considered link "Hund" with a home page? My first thought was clicking on that to get to the home page. Maybe just a habit from other pages..

@pet84rik That's true. I should probably fix that.

@hund I love Jekyll!!! Excellent choice. It does look a lot cleaner.

Bear in mind you can edit the SCSS for the theme and give it your own colors.

But for now it is a definite improvement.

@wholesomedonut I know. It's a design choice to keep it white though.


Sometimes less is better and this is an example. Loads fast even in Tor; easy to read and navigate. Good work !

@hund I like more to look at dark pages, but thanks to the minimalistic design, it plays perfectly with. With the following addon, I truly enjoy looking at your page

it really depends on the person when it comes to dark light themes

@hund I only see a white background... should I choose something!!

@victorhck There's only white. I thought your web browser could do it for you. I will look options.

@victorhck I have included a dark mode for the web browsers who supports it.

@hund hey! Great! A dark background with orange for links! 👍

@victorhck I hope you like it. It should have high contrast and be safe for colourblind people.

@hund the header displays as black-on-grey for me in Firefox, which is a bit hard to read, but...

it displays really well in links2! awesome ^-^

@hund @katp32 same for me at first. I think it's because your old css is cached. I cleared it and now it looks as it should.

The easiest way to clear the cache is if you change the name of your css file

@hund I love it when webpages don't use any JavaScript bullshittery.

@abloo It should only be used when really needed. :)

@hund It looks very plain. What I do to add some personality to my site is have a single accent colour and have a tiny strip of it near the title, as well as it overriding the selection colour, like this.

You can find my site at


Yes, pretty plain! No distractions. Just content. 👍

@hund The feeling I get is that it looks like the web was intended to. Beautiful in its simplicity!

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